45 Thanksgiving Pumpkin Decorations To Design Your Home

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Decoration To Design Your Home

Thanksgiving is a holiday and the day everybody wait for in North America. Thanksgiving is a celebration of harvest. It is on the forth Thursday in November or in Canada it will be the second Monday in October. Like Christmas, people also prepare everything to welcome Thanksgiving day. Meal and food, beverages, dinner, and parties are the activities people like the most in celebrating Thanksgiving. In America, some people like to have dinner party with family and friends at home. The identical and special food are roasted turkey, cranberries, and pumpin pie. They spend the night happily and thank to God for the good harvest they got.

As the party held at home, people usually complete their home with any ornaments which re amazing and unique. A special ornament found un Thanksgiving is pumpkin. Why should pumpkin? Pumpkin is easily found and it stay long last if we mantain it well. Pumpkin also can be shaped as we want. Though pumpkin is also identical with creepy Hallowen, but we can make it fun and lovely in Thanksgiving day. To make a lovely cool ornaments from a pumpkin, we need effort and creativity so that the result is not disappointing. A pumpkin can be shaped into a basket or an emotional face such creepy, happy, angry, bored, surprised, etc depend on what we want. The round shape of pumpkin make it easy to decorate it. If you want to make a flower basket from a pumpkin, make sure that you choose the right fower size and color to make it adorable. You can also complete it with leaves and grass. Paint the pumpkin with your desired color is possible. So, the pumpkin is not always in its pure color and shaped. Then, if you have done with your pumpkin decoration, you may put it in the front porch, in the living room, at the balcony, in your bedroom, in the front or backyard are also possible. We provide some examples of pumpkin decoration below to inspire your fun Thanksgiving day. Enjoy!




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