51 Ways to Upgrade Your Small Bathroom with Rustic Design

51 Ways To Upgrade Small Bathroom With Rustic Design

Sometimes you may feel not satisfied with your small bathroom, beside for the limited space reason you are also bored with the decoration as you are confused on how to decorate your small bathroom to make it has a good look. Decorating a small bathroom is not a hard thing to do if you have found the right style that will fit perfectly for the small bathroom issues. In this case, rustic style can be the solution while it carries on the modest characteristic so that you don’t need to put lot of ornaments or furniture to fulfil the style.

Rustic style is famous with its wooden material. The easiest way to add the wooden element into your bathroom is by using the wooden cupboard or drawer under the sink. Extra storage is also possible to be added into your bathroom. You can set it on the wall above the mirror or sink so that it won’t need space on the floor. Don’t forget to put decorative plants or a single minor tree on the corner of your bathroom to strengthen the rustic impression. For the color scheme, use tha nature colors such as white, tan, brown, or black to bring out the nature sense in a warm and calm feeling. For more information and ideas, you can look at our pictures below. Hope you can get the right design that fit your bathroom properly.

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