46 Cozy Modern Rustic Living Room Design You Will Love

46 Cozy Modern Rustic Living Room Design You Will Love

Each house carries the concept and characteristics of each according to the wishes of the homeowner and pour the idea there. If imagined, rustic presents a shabby, ugly, and unsightly impression. But make no mistake, rustic is now becoming an interior design trend. According to architect Probo Hindarto, rustic style can be interpreted as a style in architectural and interior design, which emphasizes natural impression, from non-refined material, such as wood, stone, metal, and so on. Historically, in the Roman era to the Renaissance, the rustic style focused more on finishing facades with rocks with rough and contrasting textures, complete with supporting ornaments that could beautify a home room. The development of ideas and creations, makes rustic now identical to elements that are not the same shape, random, and contrary to tidiness, through material left unfinished and coarse textured. For example, houses in a village or traditional house made of rough wood. The exterior appearance of this house can be categorized into a rustic style because it has the impression that the material is strong enough, not finished, sanded, or painted.

Like a minimalist and tropical style, rustic is also very suitable combined with modern housing. This is because rustic has a number of ethnic elements that can be used as accents in modern interiors. For example, a modern-style room that is thick with a clean impression can be combined with ethnic-style furniture, which is generally not polished to strengthen rustic features.
Another trick is to place rugs made from hemp – not linen material – with natural colors, to create a natural impression in the family room. In order for the modern-style rustic to be felt, give large window openings in several rooms. If you want to design a new home with this ‘old’ style, there are several things that need to be considered. First, choose a material that is strongly textured and not coated with paint or acian. Material objects that seem old like old wood with a texture that is still good, can be used as an accent when applied to the wall.


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