46 Perfect House Decoration with A Good Storage Ideas

46 Perfect House Decoration With A Good Storage Ideas

In addition to the beauty of decoration, equipment, and cleanliness, neatness in a house are also important things that must be considered. A good storage space will be very beautiful. In addition to making the house neat with items arranged and occupying their respective places, storage space with a unique design can also decorate every corner of your room. What kind of storage space do you want to design? we present a number of images that give you an idea for the design of storage in your home. If you have a high wall of the house, you can use it as a place to store the right books. Besides being unique, this place helps you tidy up your collection of books. Another case if you like a high-angle cabinet with a western building design. You can make a closet with several multilevel bookshelves inside. Choose the best wood material for your wardrobe material.

For storage in the kitchen room, you can start with glass jars that have various shapes. If you have a large collection of glasses, don’t stick with a glass hanger or shelf. Now you can switch to the drawer of a kitchen table. You can use your kitchen table space as a place to store kitchen utensils. In addition to making your kitchen space look neat, you will easily search when needed. Bookshelves are not always square or rectangular, bookshelves can be a circle under a table, with a circular table surface. You can use the room under the table as a multipurpose storage space.


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