41 Creative Handmade Toys To Bring Your Child in Their World

41 Creative Handmade Toys To Bring Your Child In Their World

Children always have their own ways to enter into their respective worlds in different phases each year. When the age of the child enters the toddler phase, it will be different from the toddler or childhood phase. This is where it’s time for you as a smart parent to be able to bring your children into their world. Then you can start from inside the house. You can decorate their favorite dwellings, such as rooms, reading rooms, playrooms and places they usually occupy with homemade toys that you have created in the world where your children will live and certainly not endanger the safety of children.

From here you can start with a gift that you made yourself for your child. Some things you need to know when you want to make crafts are colors. Children love bright colors like red, blue, yellow, purple, pink and white. As long as color, children like objects that have a unique shape, for example cartoon characters, or other characters such as animals. With these objects you can put them where they often see them. Thus by themselves they will be carried away in their respective worlds. The images that we present may be your reference material in making your home creative toys.


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