51 DIY Smart Minimalist Garden For Outdoor Decoration

51 DIY Smart Mini Garden For Outdoor Decoration

Having a green garden is the dream of everyone. Not only to give fresh air around the house, seeing green plants also good for the eyes. But the problem is when you only have a small house, because there is no place for plant at all. Even so, you don’t need to be sad because there are some inspirations for your minimalist garden.

To make a minimalist garden, you don’t need a high budget because you can use material from used goods in your warehouse. For example, don’t to shuck the used bottles that you have because you can use to decorate a minimalist garden by planting plants in the bottle and then hanged on the porch. Then, you can plant grass to add freshness when viewed. You must remember to choose plants that are not too big, because if you don’t have much time to take care, the plants will grow up and disturb the view of your sweet garden. Don’t forget to water the plants every day to keep green and give fresh air to your house. In addition, if you don’t like to plant, you can make a mini garden using miniature plants that you can buy at the shop. If you want to relax on your garden, put a chair or a special outdoor sofa in a position with a thorough view. So you can enjoy a minimalist garden that you created by yourself.

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