53 Inspiring Modern Victorian Homes Arround The World

Victorian homes are wonderfully unique, full of character and open to a world of interior design opportunities. If you are lucky enough to own a Victorian cottage or Victorian terraced house, you may be looking for ways to modernise your interiors. The LuxPad spoke to a number of interior experts and bloggers to find out their favourite Victorian home décor ideas.

With a mixture of experts’ own home renovations, along with client projects, we share all the Victorian home interior inspiration you need. Modern Victorian, if you will. And since I can’t show you how I’ll be doing it just yet, I’ve sharing some of the interesting inspiration I’ve found. For even more, check out my Pinterest. And Jessica, from How About Orange is pinning some great stuff as well as she goes through a similar process.

When most people hear the words, Victorian, their minds immediately envision black walls and decrepit, creepy, haunted-looking homes.In fact, Victorian is an architectural movement that dates all the way back to the 1740s. This era boasts gorgeous, ornate architectural designs that current homeowner’s want to replicate, for good reason.

The revival movement is full of amazing, ornate and elegant details that can be created in your own home today. If you desire a home that is well-decorated with opulent details and decorative patterns, then read these tips to achieve a Victorian -inspired home today. Victorian decor is all about drama and elegance. This style is not for the faint of heart— it is all about making a statement.

The lavish interiors of a Victorian home will be draped in high-end fabrics, curved ornate furniture, and plenty of decorative details.Take some online tours of Victorian homes to get a taste of the styling options that this era offers. If the high-end drama is too much for you, then consider just adding a small sampling of this dramatic style —it can be as simple as adding a few bold colors combined with a large elegant chandelier.

Or you could go all out by adding all of the spectacular Victorian elements that are listed here. Read on to see what dramatic elements you would like to add to your future Victorian mansion. Step inside beautiful real homes from around the world with our house tours. Owning a character-laden Victorian home sounds dreamy until you move in and discover that the ancient antiquity runs throughout the home — including the wiring, roofing and windows.

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