38 Fabulous Modern Scandinavian Interior Ideas to Inspire

The streamlined and modern side of Scandinavian-inspired decor is a wonderful choice for designers who want a calm and cohesive style that remains open to future alterations. Fresh feeling theme for this adorable two-story residence created with a young couple in mind – it’s easy to maintain a stylish and up-to-date home when you’re starting with such a versatile style.

It’s straightforward while remaining ultra-functional. It celebrates natural light in a place that can go many months with very little sun. It there anything as stunningly simple as a Scandinavian interior? These practical considerations led to a new level of spare elegance and a fondness for lighter colors, simple forms, and open-plan spaces.

Scandinavian modern style has influenced contemporary interiors across the globe as well as corporate aesthetics. However it has evolved, it remains as much about a look as it is about a lifestyle. Then as now, furnishings and clean, multi-use spaces tout little adornment but come off as inviting, not stark, and elegant yet accessible. To achieve this, these interiors incorporate natural elements, such as wood and natural fibers, with lots of texture.

Designed to maximize light at every turn, Nordic interiors also began to favor pale-colored walls and flooring and spaces free of clutter and ornamentation. Rather than serving just one function—such as a dining room, say, that would only be used on occasion for special events—open-plan, flexible spaces could accommodate a variety of activities, furthering the practicality of their design.

Mixing old and new furnishings and materials, highlighting craftsmanship over ostentation, and using light to bring interiors to life create further balance. The purity of the lines, the organic materials palette and the clean overall expression of the arrangement draw their inspiration from the so modern lately – Scandinavian decor style.

Delicate trendy elements throughout the interior – like the brass and metal details spread here and there in the apartment, the black and dark accents and textures, the elegant lighting solutions and designer’s lamps – give the interior composition of this modern apartment contextualized artistry and contemporary elegance.

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