50 Efficient Dorm Room Organization Decor Ideas

For you who live in a dorm may think that it is possible for you to have a gorgeous room while it is limited with its space and budget issues. Still, your dorm room feels boring and uncomfortable compared with your home as it makes you miss your home many times and it is very possible for you to get home sick pretty quickly dwelling your little dorms. Whereas, there are a lot of easy and affordable strategies to produce your dorm room feels like home so that you can bear to live there and of course with a low budget so that you can save your money for your living cost needs.

In general, decorating is about earning your room feel like home, so make certain to personalize it and allow it to be comfy. Adding some ornament is quite needed so that your room won’t look boring, you can hang your own art works on your wall to make your room prettier, or purchase for some posters of your favorite figures and stick it on your wall, it will give you motivation for a better life only by looking at your idol, yet very cheap and affordable. Moreover, put one or two decorative plants to carry on a fresh ambience into your narrow room and get some more fresh air into your room. You can put the plants on your desk, above the book shelf, near the window, or any other possible space. Then, let us move to the room arrangement, a good way to earn more space in a room is to produce some storage to store your items that are rarely be used and put those storage under your bed, under the desk, or anywhere you can tuck it. Some pictures below will give you examples of how to manage a small dorm room, please check out and find some inspiration to create yours.


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