40 Upgrade Floating Stairs for Your Decoration This Year

In the modern era, there are many changes because of technology. Humans become smarter and the life becomes easy because of many invention. This case happens to the aesthetic design of a house. The decoration nowadays tends to be minimalist and stylish. The technology make everything simpler but useful.

Discussing about innovation of house decoration, it can be separated from a minimalist concept. How could we maximize the minimal things without change the functions. We will focus our discussion here on the floating stairs design. For those who look this idea at the first time, they will be extremelly amazed. It provides a simpler design of stairs. We usually see stair with hard construction from cement, but this idea make us possible to change the material into metal or even wood. Some designs of floating stairs are simply just like lines floating on the wall and having no handrail. Wooden floating stairs is believed to be more artistic since it looks more natural and can be shaped into asymetrical design. The uniqueness of this kind of stairs may add the ambiance of stylish and creative. Furthermore, floating stairs made from steel will be stronger though the model is thin. To upgrade your stairs at home to be a floating one, just check these pictures below. Which one do you like the most?



kang Plode

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