35 Best Romantic Bedroom for Couples

Does your bedroom lack romance? Discover inspiration in these bedrooms from Decoraiso fans that incorporate decadent bedding, soft lighting and all the essentials for a truly romantic retreat. Created a romantic and regal getaway with smoky blue walls, a silk tufted headboard and a soft mohair blanket. Luxurious furnishings and soft lighting are perfect additions to such an elegant space.

If you’ve been watching closely, this isn’t the first time I’ve written about romantic bedrooms. But this time, the focus isn’t so much on spaces that look romantic as on spaces that feel romantic. Each of these bedrooms is clean, lovely, modern, and just a touch luxurious—not frilly, but with a certain something that makes you linger. All of these rooms have enough texture, enough scope for the imagination to draw you in, but also a restful simplicity that invites you to stay. What’s more romantic than that?

If you love romantic bedrooms, add a touch of boudoir chic by opting for rich velvets and an opulent palette of greys and silver. Achieve some old-style glamour in your bedroom with an upholstered velvet bed and luxurious satin throws or bedspreads. A glass chandelier adds a wonderful centrepiece to a room, together with pewter or mirrored furniture and richly textured rugs.

Today I want to talk about creating a romantic bedroom for you and your husband–and creating a little oasis for you away from the chaos of the rest of your life. Too often we don’t pay enough attention to the bedroom because we’re the only ones who actually see it.

Be inspired to give your bedroom an update with these romantic bedroom ideas. But the bedroom is where you live out your relationship with your husband, which is the most important relationship in your house. When your relationship goes well, it’s so much easier to parent. And the kids do better, too! Emphasise the elegant with romantic florals that are more classic than country in inspiration.

This stylish bedroom scheme manages to be both patterned and pared-back thanks to the neutral ground on wallpaper and bed linen. Below-dado wood panelling and colour-matched carpet, an ornate yet plain upholstered headboard and crisp white cotton Oxford pillowcases add a hotel-style feel that is effortlessly romantic. The side table with its Gothic styling and the rush-seated bench with scallop and barley twist details are nice quirky touches that turn this bedroom into something very special indeed.

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