41 Clever Ideas: Storage Under The Stair

Having a lot of clothes or shoes but having no budget to buy some shelves or cupboards to store them? Those are not any problem anymore since here you gonna find some clever ideas. Have you ever thought that the free area under the stairs can be your new storage room? Unfortunately, you have not known yet that maximizing the area under the stairs are a bright idea especially for a minimalist home. Then, some models of storage below can be your solution.

Free space under the stairs can be conjured up to be a storage or room you have ever thought before. You can make shelves to store books, clothes, shoes, or home tools. This triangle space, then, can completely effective to tidy up your goods. This idea is unique since you don’t need to buy any new shelves or cupboards and it can create a creative impression. On the other hands, it is not impossible to decorate a library, a home office or even a kitchen.  How astonishing it is! If you still have free space under stairs at home, would you begin to create a storage room now?


Dame Ria

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