42 Elegant Color Schemes for Living Room Decorating

Living room designs and ideas are anchored by its colour scheme. The right use of colours and its combinations dictates the success of the decoration and styling. Sometimes, you can do away with decors and only need colours. The colour scheme contributes a lot to the first impression of your living room, and of your entire home.

The color palette in this living room includes shades of turquoise, jade green and yellow-green for a cohesive and sophisticated look. Rate My Space user merskine unifies her eclectic mix of furniture from Craigslist by painting the wood pieces a bright white and using an analogous color palette.

Complementary colors such as orange and blue in bright shades come on strong, yet the right decorating strategy ensures people aren’t reaching for their sunglasses. Sprinkling the shades in against a backdrop of white softens the effect. Using the colors in patterns, rather than large blocks, also tones down the color scheme.

Cool, chic, truly a classic. The deep royal blue tone perfectly accentuates the crisp brightness of white. No wonder, this colour scheme has been an enduring favourite.The electric colour defines the room! Tone down fittings and decors to minimal. Extra trimmings will just clutter a brightly charged room.

This is an outdoorsman’s living room. Wood, sheepskin, natural fibres capture the spirit of the outdoors. While the clean lines, plain walls, and natural colours give the room its modern look.Light pastels are becoming popular additions to the contemporary neutral colours of minimalism. Add pastel touches to the sombre tones of your living room to achieve this pretty, welcoming, and elegant style.

Can’t get enough of the sultry tropics? Bring in the rich lush tropical colours to your living room. This emerald living room scheme is splendid and stunning without the tackiness.The minimalist living room designs are also tend to be the timeless styles. Keep your colours neutral and décor to minimal. This black and grey living room will never go out of style.

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