53 Inspiring Modern Victorian Homes Arround The World

Victorian home is about drama and elegance in bold colors scheme that has several well-known styles including Gothic Revival, Italianate, Second Empire, Queen Anne, Stick Style, Romanesque Style, and Shingle style. The Victorian style has plenty decorative details on its exterior and interior design. You’ll find curved ornate furniture scattered inside the home and high-end fabric interior. Also, some large elegant chandeliers will never be missed for the Victorian style.

Despite the variance in types of Victorian homes, there are a few defining characteristics that tie this architectural style together and divided into the exterior and interior style. The Victorian exterior style has bright colors, gabled roofs, round angles, towers, turrets and dormers. The windows are shapely especially for the bay windows with stained glass. Decorative woodwork will be dominant for the Victorian exterior. For the interior, it has nooks, high ceilings, intricate wooden trim, and ornate staircases.


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