57 DIY Windows Project To Display Family Photos

Wall is a neutral place to display everything you want. It is usually set with wallpaper or wall sticker. Some pictures or paintings are interesting enough to be placed on the wall. Some family photographs which are hanging on the wall may also be something valueable to show for those who come to our home.

Here are some ideas to make a unique and adorable order in placing family photographs. The wall in the living room and beside the stairs are the most strategic places to set family photos. In choosing color frames, it can be matched with the wall color, for example if you paint the wall with white color, you can choose black or grey color frames. Moreover, the placement whether potrait and landscape for the photos is not a big deal. Put the photo frames either from the smallest to the biggset or vice versa or combine all the sizes together is also good idea. Or you can make a certain shape from your photo frames like some examples below. Check them out!



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