37 Beautiful Rug Placement in Living Room Ideas

A rug which is applied in the living room has some functions besides covering the floor, such as reducing noisy, as a mat to lay down on the floor, and the significant functions is for the aesthetic reason. It is usually put to be a layer of our furniture like tables and chairs.  A good placement of a rug makes a more beautiful living room. Family members usually spend some time in the living room. So, taking the appropriate ornament or furniture is a must. A rug can make the living room looks cleaner and neater. Moreover, a high quality rug can add the aesthetic value in the living room.

If the living room is narrow, it needs not to be worried to put the rugs because some brilliant tricks will help to make it larger. A plain rug which has no motif can solve this problem. On the other hands, if the living room is big, it is possible to put any rug designs or motifs. There are some cases that has to concern before choosing the rugs, like the size, the theme of your living room design, material, size, and also the budget.  These are some ideas of rug placement in the living room you can adopt to make yours more impressive. Check these out!



kang Plode

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