49 Cozy Living Room for Perfect Family Time

A place that you usually do socialize with all family members at home is living room. It plays an important role because if it is set completely comfortable, it will create warm atmosphere among family members.

What is the first thing coming in to your mind if you hear the word ‘living room’? Some might answer the sofa yet it will always be found in every living room anywhere. Selecting the right sofa often depends on the theme of living room you take. Don’t forget to consider the color and the material of the sofa in order to get anyone who sits comfortable. Sometimes, living room is accomplised by family photographs. It can remind all the family members about an experience or event in the past. Moreover, there are many furniture usually used to beautify the living room such as lamp, rug, flower in a vase, paintings, and room heater. Room heater is useful since all family members often get together in the living room in winter or rainy season. Here, you can choose one of these examples below to inspire you in setting your living room.





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