54 Beautiful Garden Pathway Ideas that Inspire

We often found a pathway at the garden or on people’s yards. Beside for the artistic value, it is useful for people to walk through the garden without stepping the plants. Garden’s pathway also important for you to be connected with some parts of your garden that means you can have a good movement from side to side on your garden based on your needs.

Pathways can be created from numerous materials depending on your garden’s style and your dominant sense landscape. For the stone material, you can create a romantic stone walkway that embraces a garden fountain by arranging it into the stone mosaic. Beside the stone, you can also use circle piece of woods and design it as footing area by giving space on each piece of woods. Next, you can use the red bricks or cinder blocks that can be arranged into a modern twist design. At last, you can combine all the materials to create a wonderful pathways based on your own creativity. Simply combine the wood with the stone or the bricks with the stone on each side, etc.


Dame Ria

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